The visits to the NICU continue for some friends of ours. If you missed my first post about the Lampe family you may check it out here. Thankfully, their daughter continues to grow stronger and to show signs of improvement every day. I am so impressed with little Ellie–she’s determined to show her family and the doctors that she can bounce back from this rough start to life.

The following set of images is from a visit one evening during Ellie’s 15th day in the NICU. If you were to see Ellie today, you’d notice the oxygen tubes have been removed from her nose which is a fabulous sign of improvement. In fact, she was recently relocated to level 2 of the NICU, bringing her another step closer to going home. Doctors are not giving much indication as to exactly when that will be, so the family continues to take everything day by day. Yet, with feedings going well, they are optimistic that it will be sooner than later.

I plan on visiting them again in the next couple of days and capturing at least one more round of photos. For now, here’s what life was like for them just over a week ago.