This is the third post in a series. To see the first post, click HERE. To see the second post, click HERE. The photos in this post were taken on the evening of Wednesday, June 29.

Baby Ellie improves more and more every day! Yesterday she had another wire removed, so now she’s just left with the NG tube and a heart and respiratory rate monitor. Yay, Ellie! Tomorrow will be Ellie’s 30th day in the NICU and there’s finally talk about her going home in the somewhat near future. She must eat a specific amount at each bottle feeding and gain the appropriate weight over a certain period of time in order for her to go home. There may be other requirements, but I know eating is the big one. From day one Ellie has exhibited enormous strength despite all her challenges and continues to impress her family and the medical team with her improvements. As Tracy and Evan recently stated, something just “clicked” with Ellie and she continues to show signs that she is capable and ready to make the transition home very soon.

For those who’ve followed my previous posts on Ellie, you’ll notice four differences in this set of images: 1) she’s in a new location–level 2 NICU (which is good); 2) she is without oxygen tubes and breathing 100% on her own; 3) Grandma Lampe paid a visit; 4) all of the photos are in color!

I feel so fortunate that Tracy and Evan have welcomed me into this part of their lives. To me, this is what documentary photography is all about. It’s about capturing real moments in real time, regardless of the situation or setting. It’s about recording history for your family. If you’re interested in me photographing a slice of  your family’s life, please call or email. I’d love to meet up and discuss the possibilities. You deserve to have the story of your family told through photos… let me be the one to do it!