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I met Anne Justine almost seven years ago during a book club gathering at a mutual friend’s house. But in 2007, soon after my son was born, I became so focused on motherhood and family life that I let book club go by the wayside and unfortunately lost contact with several women in the group, including Anne Justine. Then in October of 2010 our paths crossed again at that same house we met for book club, but this time because of a children’s Halloween party–a much different occasion than our wine-inspired, kid-free gatherings years ago! I gave her one of my business cards and we ended up connecting on Facebook where she started checking out some of my work. Then just last month Anne Justine entered my Facebook giveaway contest and ended up winning the random drawing for a 3-hour documentary ¬†family commission! How fun is that!

My favorite part about their photos is that they are so real. They tell the story of an afternoon with their family. I loved that they decided to pick out their Christmas tree when I was with them. Spontaneity was welcomed and allowed them to live in the moment, making for more natural images of their daily life. I’m really excited about this approach to photography and look forward to adding more commissions like this to my portfolio. Anne Justine and Matt, thank you for giving me full artistic freedom to document a sliver of your family life. May this collection of images be something that you and the girls will treasure for years to come!