Today’s post features photos from Will and Bella’s birthday party last month! Will turned five and Bella turned three and since their birthday’s are so close together they had one big celebration at home with a backyard cookout and lots of bounce house fun! For those who keep up with my blog, you know I’m friend’s with Will and Bella’s parents and have photographed their wedding and other family photos in the past. It’s such a compliment when a family continually invites me into their lives to document important occasions for them. ┬áDespite the challenges of photographing inside a bounce house with lots of wild children, I had a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy the photos!

** If you think the color on these images looks different from my usual processing, you’re right. I edited these files using some new film presets I purchased for Lightroom. I’ve been wanting to achieve more of a film look with my imagery and messed around with some of the presets for Fugi 400. Some of the processing is a little more extreme than I would ┬áprefer most of the time, but it was fun to experiment!