This session marked the fourth time I’ve been over to Gabe and Stephanie’s house to photograph their family. This time, the attention was all on Cohen, the newest addition to their (now) family of five!  Cohen was born just a week before Thanksgiving and I had the privilege of photographing him at one week old. I am so fortunate to have clients who continue to invite me into their lives to document such important milestones. Thank you!

When pulling images for this post I started to notice a theme. I was drawn to the images that focused mostly on his face and/or hands and I decided to convert them all to black and white. Although I photographed the entire shoot in color and had images of him clothed and in a couple of other locations, I liked the simplicity of this set the best. Sure, some photographers are masters at setting baby up in a cute cozy position in a little basket or or some other container (hey, it’s not as easy as one might imagine!), but I tend to keep things a bit simpler. For these images we just set up an ottoman in the entryway where there was some good light filtering in. I didn’t position him at all, instead I just photographed his natural movements, either as he laid on the ottoman or in Stephanie’s arms.

I’m particularly fond of the first image. Cohen kept giving me the stink eye throughout the shoot, and I just had to laugh when I first saw this image in post-processing. His expressions were great!  I also snuck in a few pics at the end that include Steph, Gabe and older bro Channing, whom you might recognize from previous posts. Big sister Riley wasn’t home that morning but I was able to snag a few candids of the rest of  the family together. Enjoy!