With each family session that goes by I’ve become increasingly convinced that the home is my favorite place in which to photograph. For most families, home is where we find peace and comfort. It’s where we eat, sleep, work and play. And for Junia, home is where she was born.

Junia was just seven days old in these images. We photographed in her parent’s bedroom, a quite space in the back part of the house. It’s the place where Junia entered the world and where she was waiting when I arrived. I think it’s pretty special when I’m invited into peoples’ homes and personal spaces to document life with loved ones. This was no exception.

I stayed for about an hour, capturing a combination of documentary and minimally posed/directed shots. Junia was a perfect baby throughout the whole session. She hardly fussed and was even awake for part of it. Thank you Sarah and Nathan for inviting me to capture this time with your sweet baby girl!