I met up with Annie and Keenan at their house on a cool October morning. I love morning sessions and I love photographing in clients’ homes. The home is a personal and meaningful space that provides for photos we couldn’t get anywhere else. I’m glad they thought it was important to spend some time there. Next, we walked to a nearby park with a hiking trail — the place where Keenan proposed to Annie. Jobi, their sweet chocolate lab led us on the hike! Since both are Mizzou alums, we hit up campus for some quick photos around the Quad. Finally, we wrapped up our session with a bit of fall color at Capen Park. The color along the creek bed was still in an early state of change, but beautiful none-the-less.

It was super fun getting to know Keenan and Annie better. They have such sweet chemistry together and it really showed in front of the lens. I can’t wait for their wedding next fall!