This is Part II in a series of photographic essays on the 2013 T/F Film Fest. To see Part I, go here.

In addition to photographing the four-day festival, I was also assigned to photograph some educational outreach activities prior to the fest.

This post features images of C.A.R.E. program students working with SPORE projects organizer Emily Hemeyer as part of her collective “Migratory Hive Project”.  Emily gave a short presentation on the history of the project and asked students to come up with their interpretation of the fest’s theme The Collective Architecture of the Impossible to incorporate into their “hive” as part of the project.  I’ll post a photo of the completed project in my photo essay featuring some of the festival art installations.

I also spent time at Douglass and Hickman high schools, documenting presentations by Lily Hindy, the 2013 True Life Fund recipient. Lily spoke to students about RISC (Reporters Instructed in Saving Colleagues), an organization established by director Sebastian Junger that promotes the safety of freelance journalists in combat zones by offering free advanced first-aid training. Sebastian’s film Which Way is the Front Line from Here? The Life & Time of Tim Hetherington screened at the festival and the director was present for Q&A’s and a speaking engagement at The Crossing, a long-time sponsor of the True Life Fund.

It’s really cool to see how educational outreach is becoming such an important component of the fest. Whether students are helping with a collaborative art project, listening to a presenter, participating in True/False Academy or True/False Boot Camp, or watching a free film screening, there’s plenty of opportunities for them to get involved.  These images are just a small sampling of some of the activities and events that students experienced this year. Enjoy!

The True False Film Festival marks the most hip and happening weekend for our town every year, or at least in my opinion. This year the fest celebrated it’s 10th anniversary with the theme “The Collective Architecture of the Impossible”. It’s completely fitting, because with out the collaboration of hundreds of creative, hardworking and generous people, this festival could not take place. It’s a festival driven by a DIY spirit and every year I am amazed by the volunteers who come together to pull off an event that seems nearly impossible to imagine. T/F is a weekend celebrating and honoring the amazing world of documentary filmmaking through film screenings, educational outreach, panels and workshops, events, banquets, a parade, parties, music and amazing collaborative art & design. Basically, it’s just freakin’ awesome.

I was fortunate to be asked to join the True False photo team this year. I photographed the fest for The Como Collective last year, which was great fun as I was able to get my first insider’s glimpse as to how this festival really comes together. This year I had even more access and started documenting in early February. It’s been an amazing month and I met some really cool people along the way. I really don’t know how many hours I logged behind the camera, but it was A LOT. I don’t even want to think about it. I was assigned to document a little bit of lots of things, such as the production team, set up, educational outreach, art and installations, music, parties and the most zany and outrageous parade to grace the streets of downtown every year.

We had about a dozen photographers on the team and with that many you’d think we’d be able to cover the entire fest, but that was not the case! There were over 40 films and shorts screening in eight venues; Q&A’s with filmmakers; eight panels and workshops; several parties; over a dozen events such as the Jubilee, Reality Bites, True Life Run, Gimme Truth! and more; over two dozen busking musician groups; seven showcase musician groups; art installations in every venue, the side of buildings and in alleys…the list just goes on and on.

I’ve decided to break up my coverage into multiple posts, one per day, grouped by topic, as there are too many photos to highlight in one post. I’ll be uploading full galleries of images on my facebook page later in the week, but you can also check out some of my images on the T/F facebook page and their website.

Enjoy the photos and check back for Part 2 tomorrow!