It was through a serendipitous turn of events that I had the great honor of photographing Curt’s proposal to Brooke.

I was supposed to be in KC assisting another photographer this past Saturday, but the photographer ended up canceling on me. Hours later, I received a message from Curt. He was looking for a photographer to photograph his proposal to his girlfriend on Saturday. Well, what timing, as my calendar had just opened up! Yes, I said, I would love to be a part of this!

In the days leading up to his proposal, Curt and I messaged each other as he formulated his plans. We agreed to meet on Saturday morning at the proposal site, a horse arena, to finalize everything. Later that afternoon he and Brooke would be together, riding horses in that arena, and I would be hiding in the nearby woods waiting for my cue. When I saw them tying up their horses, I knew it was time to emerge.

Curt led Brooke to the center of the arena, her back to me. In front of her, Curt began to remove a series of tarps hanging on the arena fencing. Little by little, he revealed the large wooden letters that he hung up earlier that morning. W…I…L…L… It didn’t take long for Brooke to figure it out, or for her to turn around and see me when she heard the click of my camera. As I hurried to get around and through the gate for a closer shot, Curt walked over to Brooke and got down on one knee. You can probably guess what came next. It was so sweet! Of course she said, YES!

To top it off, Curt also brought a set of clothing for Brooke to change into for an impromptu “we just got engaged” portrait session. After portraits, Curt surprised her with one more thing, a celebration dinner with friends and family at Texas Roadhouse. Only a few family members and friends knew about Curt’s plans. After all, he did need a little help to pull everything off. Needless to say, everyone was happily surprised when Brooke showed up for dinner with a shiny new piece of jewelry!

Curt – thank you so much for including me in your proposal plans. I feel so honored that I was able to capture such a special occasion for you and Brooke.

Congratulations on your engagement!



I met up with Annie and Keenan at their house on a cool October morning. I love morning sessions and I love photographing in clients’ homes. The home is a personal and meaningful space that provides for photos we couldn’t get anywhere else. I’m glad they thought it was important to spend some time there. Next, we walked to a nearby park with a hiking trail — the place where Keenan proposed to Annie. Jobi, their sweet chocolate lab led us on the hike! Since both are Mizzou alums, we hit up campus for some quick photos around the Quad. Finally, we wrapped up our session with a bit of fall color at Capen Park. The color along the creek bed was still in an early state of change, but beautiful none-the-less.

It was super fun getting to know Keenan and Annie better. They have such sweet chemistry together and it really showed in front of the lens. I can’t wait for their wedding next fall!