How about a few Halloween-related photos to get your holiday started?

I especially like the ones of Logan wearing part of his costume in JCPenny. Fun times!

And it can’t go without mentioning that Logan made the “zombie frankenstein” wooden character that’s included in the photo with the jack-o-lanterns. He’s so creative!

My final commission of the year took me to Kansas City where I spent a good part of the day  hanging out with Heather and Joel at some of their favorite places. Heather entered and won my Facebook giveaway back in November, but due to scheduling conflicts we weren’t able to schedule their commission until this past Friday. I actually know Heather from our time working together at MU in the Admissions Office before my son was born. I hadn’t seen her in a while (she relocated to Kansas City, but still works for MU) so it was a lot of fun catching up and hanging out. Also, I really enjoyed getting to know Joel better! I love how easily he can make Heather smile, even without saying anything. Our day began with brunch at eggtc., then a stroll around the Country Club Plaza, followed by walking the dog and then a bit of down-time at their house. You know, nothing fancy, just a day filled with things they’d typically do together. I’m glad we took a few moments at the end of the day to capture some candid portraits.  I have to admit, although my heart belongs to documentary photography, some of my favorites are from the set of portraits (this first image is one of them). I just love their expressions! Enjoy!