Oh, how I love this family. Trey and Daryl are good friends of mine and also former clients. They hired me to photograph their intimate home wedding and reception in June of ’09. Daryl’s son, Aidyn, walked her down the aisle and her daughter, Beyla, was a flower girl. Since then, their family has grown with the births of two boys: Oaklyn, almost 24-months and Cypress, three-months, now complete this beautiful family of six.

Life has changed quite a bit for them over the past couple of years, so we thought it would be good to get together again to document this chapter of their lives. I’m so glad we did. I really love these images. These are the kind of images I want of my family. The ones that are so real you feel like you’re in the room with them. I used zero flash, relying totally on available light and I think that helped set the tone for the images. That, and I also edited these a bit differently in post-production, giving them a bit of a film look with some grain and tinting, and less contrast in the black-and-whites. Another important thing to point out is that I spent the night at their house the evening before the commission. I wanted to capture the most authentic images possible, starting with the first person who woke up, and that would only be possible by essentially waking up with them. So I camped out in the living room and slept until 7-ish the next morning when I heard footsteps downstairs. Not wanting to miss too much, I quickly folded my bedding and grabbed my camera. Descending the basement stairs I saw Beyla coming out of the bathroom. I followed her into her room where she flopped back into bed, not quite ready for the day to begin (or to be photographed, perhaps).

That image of her is the first you’ll see of many from that morning. I think it’s actually my longest blog post yet. But there’s a reason for it and I’ll explain WHY and what it could mean for YOU if you check the blog on Tuesday. Tuesday I’ll write a follow-up to this post explaining more about this particular type of commission and how you might be able to snag one for your family. In fact, head over to my Facebook page, “Like” it, and be among the first to learn of my announcement on Tuesday! If you appreciate documentary photography and want images that capture the true essence of your family, then you’ll want to be in-the-know. As for now, I’ve done enough writing, it’s time to let the images speak for themselves! Enjoy!