I don’t know about you,┬ábut this frigid weather is making me pretty anxious for spring and the return of all things lovely and green.

*photos taken in May near the courthouse before renovation of the grounds


Logan turned five recently and like usual, we celebrated all weekend: we went to the State Fair (a first for Logan–he loved it!); relatives from both sides of the family came to visit; we celebrated with cupcakes and gifts at home on Saturday… and then again for his Flipz party with friends the next day. Now Logan is the proud owner of everything Star Wars. You name it, he probably got it: a watch, a puzzle, several lego sets, action figures, light sabers, a sticker book etc. He told me that next year he’s going to choose the Star Wars theme again so he can add to his collection. I have a feeling we’re going to be doing that for years to come. We love you Logan Jules, our little Padawan! Happy Birthday!