Our precious daughter, Pearl Maria Allen, was born February 17, at home, just as we had planned. It took patience and a lot of work to bring her into the world, but with the help of two highly experienced midwives and an extremely supportive husband, Pearl was born at 8:21 p.m., into a pool of water in our dining room. I asked Whitney to be with us, to document our day and Pearl’s birth, and she did it beautifully! Whitney captured the first image you’ll see to the right.  It was just seconds after Pearl was lifted from the water and into my arms.  I love that moment.  There’s plenty more on her blog. To see the full photo story, please check out this post. The rest of the photos are some favorites that I (or Seth, if I’m in it) captured from the first 7 weeks of Pearl’s life. We’re enjoying being a family of four. Logan is a sweet, helpful and affectionate big brother, as you’ll see in some of the images. This is only the beginning… 

We registered Logan for Kindergarten today. He’s so excited, he’s been talking about it for months. When it snowed recently and we were stuck at home for a few days, he told me he’d rather be at school. At that particular point, I couldn’t have agreed more. Now I know my days with him at home are numbered, so I plan to make the most of them before he gets on that school bus in the fall.

I take my camera with me almost everywhere we go. This occasion was no exception and I’m glad that Logan will have these visual reminders of the day that we enrolled him in Kindergarten. We rode our bikes up to the school, went through the registration process, toured some classrooms, met the principals and ended with some play time on the playground.

It was a really good experience and we’re so excited that Logan has expressed such an interest in Kindergarten. I can’t believe the time is almost here!