I was eating dinner at home when I received the call from Leigh. I usually don’t answer unknown numbers in the evening, especially in the middle of  family time, but for some reason I answered without delay. I’m so glad I did! On the other end of the line was a friendly man with a strong Australian accent. I was instantly ingtrigued! Turns out he was inquiring about my wedding services (I love it when the groom takes charge!) and after 10 minutes of conversation, a follow up email and approximately 48-hours later, I had booked Leigh and Brooke’s wedding!

This technically would be their second wedding. They were already married and living in Austrailia. Brooke is actually from Jefferson City and had traveled abroad after college and ended up in Melbourn, Victoria (I think) where she and Leigh became roommates (or maybe they call it housemates). Well, obviously they became more than that and fell in love and the rest is history!

If I remember correctly, their original plan was to relocate to the States and have their American wedding one year after their Australian wedding, which I think is a great way to celebrate the one year anniversary! However, Brooke became pregnant with twins and due to some complications they had to delay their plans and stay in Australia a bit longer. Fast forward a bit, now with two healthy little girls, they were able to follow through and eventually return to Brooke’s hometown where they exchanged vows in front of close family and friends at the Carnahan Memorial Garden (aka Governor’s Garden).

When I was able to meet with them for the first time, I quickly knew that I was going to love this wedding. I have a special place in my heart for the practical couple that focuses on the meaning of the day rather than the fluff that often consumes weddings these days. Brooke got ready at her parents house, a place that was comfortable and meaningful. Leigh got ready at Brooke’s grandmother’s house just a few miles away. Their First Look occurred in her parent’s backyard, overlooking the Missouri River. Their small wedding party was made up of family members, and their spouses and partners all played a part in the day. They also had plans for a hayride between the ceremony and reception (a Jeff City tradition?) and decided on the delicious Lutz’s BBQ for their wedding day meal.

Their were no fancy store-bought  or Etsy-sourced decorations. The ceremony site itself needed nothing but chairs, as the natural surroundings were beautiful just as they were. Same goes for their reception site, La Maison. La Maison is a private residence turned venue space located west of Jefferson City. The secluded venue is only visible by air, and is even hard to find with GPS. The grounds are beautifully maintained and offer a garden and woodsy feel depending which way you turn.

All in all, it was the most perfect and beautiful day. I am so grateful to have been asked to be a part of it! To think that Leigh called from so many, many miles away and had the faith in this perfect stranger to capture the vision of their day is quite the compliment. I am so glad to have met them and now call them friends. Congratulations, Brooke and Leigh (and little Madison and Zoe)!  May this be the start of a wonderful new life in the States!




Back in September I teamed up again with Jennifer Roberts of Moonshadow Studio  to document the wedding of Ali and Chris. I thoroughly enjoyed photographing this St Louis wedding–from the beautiful church ceremony to the colorful and modern reception held at an art gallery. Everywhere I turned there was amazing light, color and moments that made for awesome photos. As always, a huge thanks goes out to Jennifer for asking me to be her side-kick that day and for letting me share some of my favorites here on the blog.

Also, I just have to say that the image of Ali and her dad, overwhelmed with emotion just as they are about to walk down the aisle, is hands down my favorite wedding image of 2012, if not ever! I jumped with joy when I realized that I caught such an intense and memorable moment. You can’t stage something like that, and that’s why I love photojournalistic wedding photography!

Enjoy the photos!

**p.s. Jennifer doesn’t blog but you can check out her portfolio here!